Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your frequently asked questions below. As we receive more questions, this page will be updated.

How does the program work?

Create an account on the home page. Keep your private information and manage your account online.

Once you create your account, you will log in and create a subscription to our service. You will choose between a 2-day plan (4 meals), a 4-day plan (8 meals) or a 6-day plan (12 meals). For each day in the plan, one lunch and one dinner will be delivered to your door. Meal programs begin every Monday. Sign up or change your meal partner any time before Friday at noon and your program will begin/or updated the following Monday.  The cost works out to $9.95 per meal as follows:

2 days/week Mondays only 2 lunches, 2 dinners $39.80
4 days/week Mon & Wed 4 lunches, 4 dinners $79.60
6 days/week Mon, Wed, & Fri 6 lunches, 6 dinners $119.40

Each Friday at noon we will take all orders for the week and distribute them to our meal providers for delivery the next week. All new orders and changes made after noon on Friday will be processed the following week for the delivery the week after that.

Billing and Account Management

Payment is input by you on our secure site and the first week’s payment is taken at that time. Payments for subsequent weeks will be taken the Friday before the week of delivery. You can manage your billing information on the My Account page.

Each plan begins on Monday. You can make changes anytime through noon on Friday. Your changes will be reflected the following Monday. Please note that any changes are considered a new order in our system, so it will require you go through the order process again.  While the total for the order will show on the checkout page, you will only be charged for any differences in price.

No. You just need to make your changes online the Friday (noon) before the next Monday.

Yes. Once you register you will create a username and password for your private account. You can then go to the My Account page to view your orders and billing information.

Your order will automatically renew each week. You only need to log back in to make a change to your order or cancel it. You can find your current order details on the My Account page.

The billing is pre-set for weekly increments. If you will be need to pause you may:

  1. Contact your restaurant/caterer to see if you can receive the same amount of meals within your payment cycle.
  2. Call us at 949-382-6099.
  3. For longer periods of time, you can suspend your subscription from your My Account page and re-activate it upon your return.

You can cancel directly online on the My Account page. The cancellation takes effect once all paid meal deliveries have been completed.

We want to keep your business — if you have a problem placing your order or you need a refund, please call us at 949-382-6099 and we will be glad to assist you. We are here to ensure your experience with Senior Cuisine is positive.

Senior Cuisine Customer Service 949-382-6099


To keep our program affordable, it is not possible to select individual meals or individually customize. You can review the sample menus and select the restaurant/caterer that has the most of your favorites.

Each meal partner has listed what they can accommodate, see the meal provider information page.

Please reference your selected restaurant/caterer to make sure they can accommodate.

Meals are made fresh and they must be refrigerated. Reheat and enjoy within 2 days of delivery.

Senior Cuisine Delivered meals are not intended to be frozen.

At this time, our service is limited to our 2 options. 4-days (8 meals) or 6-days (12 meals) nutritious lunches and dinners from restaurants and caterers you’ve selected.

Other Questions

Your restaurant/caterer will contact you to arrange a delivery window.

Please contact your restaurant/caterer ahead of time directly to determine if it’s possible to arrange delivery at a later time. Meals cannot be left unattended, but you can arrange for a friend or neighbor to be home to receive the delivery. An additional delivery attempt will be made if you are not at home to receive the delivery. Refunds will not be issued if you are not home to receive the delivery.